To Finish on the Bottom

To Finish on the Bottom

I came forth with the singing of the birds,
You would know it as Spring.
We came forth with pride and moved about freely,
It lasted for a while and then the wind started blowing
really hard. Soon, the days started getting shorter,
my friends and I started changing and loosing our powerful grip.
Now, here we are… finishing at the bottom
of it all. It seems like every year my friends
and family all end at the very bottom!

Amanda S.

4 thoughts on “To Finish on the Bottom

  1. At the bottom means, there is only up to go…and you are cared for, friends will be the wind that lifts you. I am having tough days but think of you often. Much love my friend. Have you heard the song by Bette Midler, Wind beneath my wings, you are not alone. xo

  2. Reblogged this on meticulousmick and commented:
    Dor the fourth collaboration I provided an autumnal shot for Amanda to write words to accompany it. Well here it is, let us both have feedback.
    And remember if you fancy your arm at a collaboration just take a look at my ‘Collaborations Page’ and the Collaborations Category.

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