Trees Changing Color For Fall

Trees Changing Color For Fall

I would love to take a drive to see trees from North to South.
In the fall, to bring color changes.
I would also love to live somewhere to see a very nice view.
Lots of panoramic views of the countryside.

I will not be on for a week or two due to unforseen circumstances…. I WILL be back though!

To Finish on the Bottom

To Finish on the Bottom

I came forth with the singing of the birds,
You would know it as Spring.
We came forth with pride and moved about freely,
It lasted for a while and then the wind started blowing
really hard. Soon, the days started getting shorter,
my friends and I started changing and loosing our powerful grip.
Now, here we are… finishing at the bottom
of it all. It seems like every year my friends
and family all end at the very bottom!

Amanda S.

WARNING: EXPLICIT ADULT CONTENT!!! This is a Gypsy Female Waiting

WARNING: EXPLICIT ADULT CONTENT!!!  This is a Gypsy Female Waiting

She is waiting for the man she met at the trading
hut. He said he would be to her tonight.
Promises of heat and passion were unspoken, but were well read.
He heads there, making sure he was not followed.
He came upon her so quietly that when he caressed her arm, she jumped.
She turned around from the way she was sitting on the tree root,
upon facing each other it was like a fire ignited!
Yet, they slowly started kissing, petting,and then down to the
REAL good stuff.Both, one could feel the heat from the other.
They were licking and tasting each other.
feeling more intense heat, it going through their
loins. They start to “rip” each others clothes off,
waiting to see what the other had to offer.
They both wanted it to be slow; but erotic too.
She aked “are you ready to be tied up?”
He said “Hell yeah!”
With a moan of gratitude, he let her tie his arms together.
She used her tongue to tease all over his body.
It was kinda hard to get positioned with his Big hard rod in the way.
She made him turn over on his belly. “It will be difficult, I know.”
She started in with her cat-o-nine-tails.
She whiped him until he started moaning.
After all that, he kissed her ALL over…special places too!
Then they made passionate, hot sexy love, until the sun came up.

This Is The Adamii Tree

This Is The Adamii Tree

Sometimes I feel like this tree looks,
all beauty and color in nooks,
Sometimes the blues take me over, though.
Service cut off because we don’t have the
money to pay for it.
It will be a sad goodbye;
Tonight late or early in the morning.
You all mean so much to me, I don’t want to go,
but I have no choice.
If and when I come back, I will
surely let you all know! Got that right!!
8 P

I am a Wiccan

I am a Wiccan

The two are the one and same.
But Dark people do dark things,
just like in life; but I think that doing that is lame
I love doing good, even sometimes sing.
I am a person who loves to walk in the fields,
Also, I love what gardens yield.
I especially love tomatoes,
like them on bread with mayo
I just recently found that I
like guacamole.
I am a person just like everyone else.

Amanda S.