Mad About You by Belinda Carlisle

I listened to this song a lot, especially after I got dumped, once.


Faceless Names

Sounds like me.

My Mind: Now Open

So many faceless names,

Or nameless faces.       .

But then maybe I don’t know enough

To know enough of them.

And maybe there all the same,

If only in the way that they are human,

As am I.

And in that we are united,

And these wrongs can be righted,

Like the delicate  flipped boat,

That floats on the stormy seas

Of the uncertainties of only knowing what you know,

When wanting to know more.

When paddling further into the storm,

To one day reach its eye.

Then to go through its wrath again,

To have it pass and to sit with the other boats

In the calm after.

After enduring through the waves,

And so then be united,

And know everyone,

And everything I could have hoped for.


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This Is The Adamii Tree

This Is The Adamii Tree

Sometimes I feel like this tree looks,
all beauty and color in nooks,
Sometimes the blues take me over, though.
Service cut off because we don’t have the
money to pay for it.
It will be a sad goodbye;
Tonight late or early in the morning.
You all mean so much to me, I don’t want to go,
but I have no choice.
If and when I come back, I will
surely let you all know! Got that right!!
8 P