Stripes & slits

Hello, Amber… How are you?? I hope you have been doing okay. I had back surgery about 2 months ago, but doin’ okay. C-ya!! 8 D

Looking Good Girls

Striped dress 1

Striped dress 2

Striped dress 3

Striped dress 4

I’ve really gotta lay off the chocolate this week. I had to suck my belly in for this form-fitting dress but you’ll be pleased to know that now I’m home I’m letting it all hang out . . . the belly that is!

It was a case of instant fake tan to the rescue this morning. Slapped on some Ella Bache then trotted off to my big boy’s basketball break-up where his teammates whipped themselves into a frenzy playing Lazer-tag.

Striped dress 5

Designers have taken to slicing hemlines to keep things fresh and sassy. Leading the pack is Aussie designer Dion Lee. Why not give the slit a go for spring/summer.

Yellow boy bag, jewels 1

Got my bright on with this yellow boy bag – a style made famous by fashion powerhouse Chanel. Polished the look with Guess gold watch, Lovisa chain bracelet and cuff, and Lovisa rings.

Striped dress 6

For all you mums out there, I hope…

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