A Very Rocky Marriage

A Very Rocky Marriage

It was attraction of flesh that attracted her, 20 yrs. ago.
He was much thinner with a cute little ass.
He loved watching her walk,all the while seeing her beasts bounce
at same speed.
Their were times during the marriage, that they both strayed
from one another. Other times, it was mostly over stupid shit!
Him playing video games and not giving her the attention she craved!
Through the years, that was a “main” reason.
Even when she begged for romantic dinners by candlelight, no deal.
She was just SOL! These days she just feels so down, singing
the blues.
Well, there have been many a day when she thought of ways to
try to hurt him SEVERELY! Sometimes even more than that!
There were other times he would be SO good to her
that some people would star, maybe thinking that”wish my
man loved me that much!”
But as soon as it came, it would go.
Her heart started feeling the same way. Sometimes he was there,
sometimes he wasn’t! She became devious after that.
She really did try to hurt him, even old wives tale tricks!!
Well, the story is not done yet, but when it gets finished,
you will be the first to know.


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