To T-strap Or Not?


Girl Of The Corn


In all this wedding hoopla, I have been plagued by very few questions. The ones that stick all have to deal with shoes.

Forget vows, music, or even my dress (that was pretty easy), I need to know what my tootsies will be adorned with (God, I hate the word “tootsies.”)

I told the dress shop exactly what I wanted in a dress. Audrey Hepburn-inspired. Knee length. With a shirt-like top. Ordered. Donesies.

What do I want in a first dance song? Neil Young’s Harvest Moon. What else? (I mean, it’s about a couple breaking up, so yeah, gotta love that.)

And shoes. Sigh. At first, my shoes were going to be navy Jimmy Choo’s. Too much money. Then I found the perfect off-white Manolo Blahnik’s on E-Bay. And got outbid in the last minute of the sale. I seriously was down in the dumps for a good five…

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