The Power of Words (and Donuts)


The Story of Writing

Stupid has this knack for falling asleep. She can fall asleep anywhere, doing anything, and she will eventually. It’s quite entertaining to hear her try to read while falling in and out of sleep: ‘It was the best…*slowly drooping*…of…times….*chin on chest*…it was…*coming back up*…the worst…*drooping*…of…*snore*…’

But sometimes, oftentimes, she gets herself in such a state of sleep, it is impossible to get her awake enough to form a coherent sentence, not to mention convincing her to make the move from chair to bed. She has been this way for years. It is getting neither better nor worse.

Being health-conscious as I am, I worry about her body not getting the proper rest propped up in a chair, neck bent down, chin on chest for hours. So I try to wake her, in vain. I try to motivate her. This is extremely difficult as she is in a deep sleep, and…

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