Tie Up Loose Ends


How Leaders Manage


A man comes home from a long day at work.   He sets his file of paperwork down at the door, takes his shoes off and starts inside the house.  He takes his wallet out of his pocket, removes his wrist watch and yells at the dog for begging and whining at his leg.  “GET BACK!”  He knows he should feel guilty about the outburst, but doesn’t care in this moment of frustration.  He looks around the house and sees the unfolded clothes and the mess his young daughter has made, but holds his tongue because he knows whatever comes out will not be pleasant or beneficial for anyone.


He rolls his eyes and continues over to the kitchen table, plops down, puts his elbows on the table top, and buries his face in his hands. His wife seeing his demeanor gives him a moment then asks, “Rough day?”


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