Three Who Should Get A Flu Shot (2010)

Yes, but not me, cause there is no telling what the gov’t puts in those damn things!!

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

1. Doctors.
2. Nurses.
3. Health workers.



For the entire rest.

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2 thoughts on “Three Who Should Get A Flu Shot (2010)

  1. The flu shots can harm you. A person who knows, said the shots don’t work and all they do is make money for the company. They can make you sick, give you the flue and one person’s eyes were harmed from the shot. When you get the flu, because the shots DON’T WORK, they tell you it’s a different strain. NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TELL YOU WHAT TO PUT INTO YOUR BODY. No one. Where does it stop. The medical money mongers are testing people for smoking, obesity and going into family records and hounding people to get tests because someone in their family had a certain disease. If you do NOT COMPLY WITH THEIR DEMANDS, you can be FIRED or you are fined, the money taken out of your paycheck, until you do what they say. OUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS BEING TAKEN YET AWAY AGAIN. This makes us feel weak and hopeless and makes us easier to manipulate and control. When we fight back they just write new laws that make what they do legal so they can make more money for themselves. Think about it.

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