I do not think that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will let that happen.

Rethinking Life

I saw a speaker on TED the other day.  He was wealthy, very well educated and he said that all jobs are going to disappear (well, not his, of course), and be taken over by the robots his company was making. But not to worry.  The GOVERNMENT, who is in debt up to it’s armpits and borrowing from OTHER countries, will send EVERYONE a check each month so we will still be able to live.  Nice.  So, basically,  we will not be ABLE to work or make more money than the government is WILLING or CHOOSES to give to us, even if there ISN’T any money at all and we WILL NOT HAVE ANY CHOICE IN THE MATTER.  That was bad enough but the thing that was the most horrific about the entire thing was that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON IN THE AUDIENCE STOOD UP AND SAID A SINGLE WORD…

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