To Lady Autumn

that is very nice. Hasn’t happened here in Ga. yet, though..

Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


To Lady Autumn


I await thee at the ending of Summer,

my beautiful Lady of Dusk,

thy leery orange shivers,

spiced with the blossoms of musk.


Under oaks and birches I will lie,

questioning my desires,

I’ll watch the leaves fall flying by,

through horizons colored red like fire.


Gray clouds cast shades on our faces,

I am cleansed by the pouring rain,

that falls with hope to cover the traces

of our loneliness and our pain.


And such wisdom you bring to us Lady,

of things that die to be born,

your winds etch melancholy on our windows

as we dance to the tunes of amber horns.


The Sun now warms at your behest,

the roses, withered, dried in heat,

all bow their heads and not protest

to be the palace for thy feet.


We crack in melodies obscure

Softly skies embrace…

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