Thoughts On Labour Day…

these are nice…

Writing The Girl

Well, here we are: Labour Day 2013.

In my part of the hemisphere, the final days of summer unofficially happen on Labour Day Weekend.  The calendar may say Autumn doesn’t begin until the 22nd of September, but really – the hot days are done, the sun rises later, the nights are getting longer.

I feel the need to explain my absence from blogging for the past few weeks.  The reason for my lack of posts is – I have no reason.  I also haven’t had a moment to breathe, let alone sit down and pay attention to something for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Between you and me, Dear Reader, I look forward to end of August and the kids going back to school more and more each year.  Summer is fun, action packed, and a tad more chaotic than life is the rest of the year.  Quite…

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