Most Secret Acts

That’s GROSS!

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I am sitting here… (I always seem to be sitting don’t I?)

Watching a Closet Booger Eater (CBE)…

2…in fact.

 They look related, but one is younger than the other.

I don’t know what’s tougher. Trying to avoid being detected observing a CBE in their natural habitat, or being a CBE trying to elude observation while indulging in their lust for nasal epicure.

It’s a toss up.

Both require a high level of skill and subterfuge.

Watcher: Optimal use of peripheral vision

CBE: Scary skills in hand to…nose coordination.

For ease of use in this documentary, we will assign YCBE to the younger transgressor of the nasal pilfering, and OCBE to the older (craftier) transgressor.

The boogers will be identified as…the Package (PKG).

YCBE has no skills. As with the majority of off-spring related to most animalia (all genus, families…etc.,) they learn watching and imitating the elder of their species…

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