Marmite, Promite, MightyMite, Vegemite or Bovril

Well.looks good, like toast n jam to me! ; )


I wonder if Marmite, Promite, MightyMite, Vegemite or Bovril are common food in many countries other than prominently New Zealand and Australia.

As a child of the 1960s and 1970s living in Malaysia and Singapore, I grew up with Marmite and Bovril.  These were used to enhance the taste of rice porridge (congee).  Lately I discovered the popular Marmite Chicken, a Malaysian/Singaporean dish and have improvised my own home cook recipe.  I had Marmite Chicken for tea tonight and was going to take a snapshot to share my first recipe in littlegirlstory but alas, ate them all, totally forgotten.

While all the ‘Mites’ are yeast extract, Bovril is (or was*) a beef extract.  Marmite is widely popular in New Zealand while Vegemite, Promite and the newer product MightyMite (made in Australia) are of course the preference in Australia.  Back in those days in Malaysia and Singapore, Bovril were made in U.K.  Compared…

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