Emmylou Harris Wannabe

you look very pretty!


I love Emmylou Harris. I love her singing, guitar playing, and her hair.


I can’t sing or play any musical instruments, but I have long gray hair. I asked my hair stylist to try and give me the same hair style as Emmylou.


Cody can do wonderful things with my hair, but she can’t make me look like Emmylou Harris. Well, I guess nothing short of plastic surgery could do that … A lot of plastic surgery 🙂

Now before anyone starts chiding me about wanting to look like someone else, I’ve always been very vain about my hair. (Used to be my legs, but a nasty accident took care of that.) I don’t really want to look like Emmylou Harris (liar, liar, pants on fire!) but I do love her hair. I thought mine had grown out enough for my fav hair stylist to give it a shot. Actually…

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