How-To Tuesday — “The Rosie” Flower Top Slouch

the flower is pretty.


Are you all ready for this week’s pattern?! I know I am. This one is a little more complicated than what I’ve posted so far, but I’ve had it vigorously tested (ha!) and am confident that you will be able to follow. And if you can’t, I’ve gone over it enough times that I should be able to answer any question about any row off the top of my head.

I have lived and breathed this pattern since Friday night. I’ve altered the first few rows from the original design to make it less confusing, and I’m happy with the way it’s turned out!

I’ve been lusting after these adorable mandala/flower/open-work hat designs for quite a little while. Originally, I was going to go a whole different direction with this hat and make the brim the focal point of the finished product, but after seeing the way it was turning…

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8 thoughts on “How-To Tuesday — “The Rosie” Flower Top Slouch

  1. I know absolutely nothing about crochet and knitting. But I do know that it is a beautiful art that people can wear and place around their homes. It is a living and useful art that is very personal. I enjoy your post svery much.

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