abby-lately 8/27

I Love the dress, it is gorgeous……

the fabulous life of a natural disaster

…and I’m back…

For those of you following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you could probably tell that I have made it safely to San Diego! We ended up leaving on Friday evening and arrived in San Diego on Thursday evening and despite a shredded tire in the middle of the New Mexico desert (naturally), everything went pretty smoothly. We clocked in 3500 miles, hit 13 states and it shockingly seemed to go by fast! Here are some pics from the last week and a half…

photo 1-3

photo 222

photo 3333

photo 4444

photo 5-2photo 1222photo 22222photo 3222photo 4222

photo 5222photo 155photo 2555photo 3-4photo 4-3

I am so excited to finally be here and I am loving the weather. We are still getting settled right now and are staying in a rental house before moving into CMV’s parent’s new house around the corner. It’s safe to say things will be a little chaotic for the next two weeks but I am looking forward to getting back to regularly…

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