Excerpt: The Mercenary Queen Returns

Nice picture,man!! ; )

Legends of Windemere

By Kayla Matt

Selenia is quiet as she thinks about what is heading toward her students. She slowly unsheathes her longsword and coldly stares at its flawless shine. Kevin nods without her having to say a word and makes his way to the south wall. Duggan is already yelling orders to the students as Selenia climbs the stairs to the top of the wall.

“About time you showed up, Selenia. It looks like your old friend remembers you fondly,” Duggan mentions, casually pointing his gauntleted hand toward Visindor. “I did the best I could with the weapons. Being rushed doesn’t help a smithy make a stockpile of any kind. Now, we can only pray that the Holy One is smiling on my work because we are going to need it.”

Selenia looks out over the killing field to see a swarm of dark crimson flowing through the forest from the…

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