Oh! My First Outing to Explore

    The man came to see me and figure out what I could hold for the journey.  Well, all was brought aboard and put in my belly, well most anyway.  I’m telling you, other than the crew’s sleep quarters, I was about full to capacity.  Most of it was stuff for them to eat and drink.

    I sailed on for what seemed like an eternity.  Finally, I heard the man say, “land

ho!”  I went carefully onto the more stoppable place here and the ground was a white color!  The men all got off into the water,jumping and shouting!  I stayed there

for what seemed like an eternity. After a long while, everyone got back on me .

       We kept sailing the same way.  After all, no ship has ever returned when they go out this way too much.  I really don’t want to keep going, but he just won’t

stop n turn around.  A couple of hours, or rather days, the trip was going well.

Soon, we were back where we started.  Everyone on me started cheering for some

reason.  All I know is that there were strange rocky material brought on me

when we were leaving the last place.  And now they are being taken off….


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