Harmonious Night

That is so beautiful.


Harmonious Night

Who can sleep whern there are words to write,
While the moon hangs o’re the Slumbering Night,
Chasing dreams in fiction most Compelling,
Pouring out my heart to strangers
And all my secrets telling.

Long the willows caress the Tranquil breeze,
While cicada’s drone in the darkened trees,
Serenade of Moonlight, listlessly sighing,
While the words take my Heart,
Upon the trades I’m Flying.

Distant as the glimmering Morn,
All my worries forgotten, like pages torn,
Spacious skies, Drawing my Sight,
While the stars trace their Courses
And cast their Twinkling Light.

Ever I could Walk under the Harmonious Night,
Mute with Wonder at the Lyrical sight.

Beautiful Original art by: Alex Ruiz

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