*Rant* I am done with this crap! (not for my friends who know who they are)

hahaha that is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I guess the post of King Nothing worked. I tried very hard to not let it get me, but it did.

Not his post full of crazy bullshit got me. No, the fact that some people who I considered to be my friends believed in his crap.

That, I didn’t see coming….

I just laughed when I read his post. Because, well who in the world would believe a conspiracy theory like that? I mean, people know me, right? They would never believe it. How wrong could I be.

I have dealed with bully’s all my life and I feel so stupid for thinking they would not poison a community like WordPress.

Wherever you have bully’s, there are people who are following them. Without thinking for themselves.

The thing I got worked up about is that the people who decided to follow this piece of work were people I never…

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