Peach Popsicles

looks good! n it probably tastes good

Diary of a Mad Crafter

Ok, so I tried making these candied ginger studded peach pops a few weeks ago, and for whatever reason, the results were completely tasteless pops with candied ginger. I have no clue how, but there was NO peach flavor what-so-ever! So. Weird. (remember that show So Weird? lol) So my husband and I went peach picking last weekend and as promised, I tried again, and voila! Pops that taste like peaches. Now…….as for the candied ginger……that was my go-to morning sickness reliever so as soon as I took a bite of it it brought all those memories back! Now, I really didn’t have bad morning sickness–at all–but never-the-less, not something you want to remember when you’re trying to enjoy something tasty! So, I couldn’t eat them. Instead, I just made regular plain ol’ delicious peach pops. I actually used the recipe from my peach sorbet and halved it {why didn’t…

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