33 Signs You’re Getting Older


readful things blog

Dearest Ionia.  I tried to be nice and now I’m going to do this to tease you.  Though, I did the honorable thing and asked permission first:

  1. When drinking in public, you hear people yell ‘Chug it, Grannie!’
  2. When driving, your tits can be used to hit the pedals.
  3. Your favorite pair of shoes is older than your average Pop Star.
  4. People no longer tell you to act your age.
  5. The words ‘things were cheaper back when I was younger’ spring from your mouth.
  6. New technology confuses and scares you, but you’re going to try to use it anyway.
  7. You have enough stories to entertain people for hours.  Damned if you can remember any of them.
  8. There are wrinkles in places that will never be seen by the public eye.
  9. You roll out of bed and your tits stay under the covers.
  10. The ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’…

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