So Cute! I just wish I weren’t allergic!! Because I am very much and animal person, but I do have my doggie, Princess!!

Rogz Pet Insurance

The Abyssinian’s existence dates back 4000 years ago in Egypt. The first cat, a kitten called Zula, was brought to Europe in 1868 by a British soldier after Great Britian defeated Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) in the Abyssinian War.

The Abyssinian is a very athletic cat and is capable of jumping up to 6 feet in the air. They are very affectionate, loyal, playful and intelligent but they can be demanding and need to be kept busy. They enjoy playing with toys, and some can even play fetch with a ball! They need a lot of love and interaction with their family to keep them happy, and get along well with other cats. They enjoy climbing and are a highly trainable breed of cat.

The Abyssinian has a long lean muscular body and large almond-shaped eyes. Their coat contains a ticked pattern and colors come in blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and…

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