Mykonos and Santorini, 21 / 28 July 2013

that is beautiful!

The Spots Hunter

One week of pure amusement in one of the most popular islands in Greece! 6 days in Mykonos and one day of adventure in Santorini!  Mykonos is so funny and colorful, Santorini sooo magic. The colours are different from every other island. We returned so satisfied and so much tired too! As you cn see there were a lot of cats, and I loved to portrait them! I took a lot of pics I hope you will manage to see all the 84 pics without any boredom!

IMG_0727IMG_0726IMG_0725IMG_0723IMG_0722IMG_0721IMG_0719IMG_0717IMG_0715IMG_0714DSC_6408DSC_6401DSC_6397DSC_6385DSC_6340DSC_6321DSC_6314DSC_6305DSC_6291DSC_6282DSC_6274DSC_6266DSC_6258DSC_6255DSC_6251DSC_6246_2DSC_6244DSC_6242_2DSC_6241DSC_6236DSC_6225DSC_6223DSC_6219DSC_6218DSC_6214DSC_6211DSC_6208DSC_6200DSC_6194DSC_6176DSC_6174DSC_6168DSC_6163DSC_6156DSC_6147DSC_6142DSC_6136DSC_6118DSC_6113DSC_6110DSC_6107DSC_6105DSC_6101_2DSC_6087_2DSC_6071_3DSC_6060_2DSC_6058DSC_6056DSC_6051DSC_6050DSC_6047DSC_6045DSC_6044DSC_6040_2_2DSC_6038DSC_6038_3  DSC_6031_2DSC_6023DSC_6022  DSC_6012DSC_6011_2DSC_6009DSC_6008DSC_5992DSC_5977DSC_5974DSC_5972DSC_5961DSC_5954DSC_5940

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