Pushed to Madness

who are you living with,man??

The Community Storyboard

I’ve finally had it.  The noise and intrusions are too much.  I can’t get any work done with all of this noise and chaos.  Is it so hard to knock before entering a room?  Do people have to yell when they’re not angry?  I’m pretty sure doors close without having to be slammed hard enough to shake the house.  Don’t even get me started on people setting off the toddler.  After all these years, none of them have bothered to pay attention to what pisses him off and avoid doing it.

Today I found my answer.  I built a time machine out of my car and the exercise equipment that was put in my area of the basement.  It took more time to get the dust off the equipment than it did to put this together.  I flip the switch, rev the engine, and away I’ll go to the future…

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