Wading Through

man, that had to be hard!

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Flood 5-1-2010May 1st 2010 started as any other typical Saturday for me, slept late then got up to work a while.  As I turned on the television I noticed weather reports stating we were under thunderstorm watches.  Nothing out of the ordinary for a typical May in Tennessee really. As I sat down in front of my laptop I gazed out my window and noticed the sky was turning really dark and the thunder began to boom.  I continued working but began paying attention to the weather bulletins flashing across the bottom of the T.V. screen.  The sky turned an ominous dark black, the rain began to fall in sheets and we were given the warning to prepare for possible tornadoes.  Not being one to panic I continued to work but decided it would be best to move into the hallway with my dogs just to be cautious.  After two…

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