Juicy 15-Minute Pork Chops

man… THOSE look soooo good…….. ; )


This was the recipe that made me fall in love with thick cuts of meat.

See, as an Asian, I’ve been taught to be deathly afraid of pink steak/pork/fish/clowns.

Rule of thumb: if the meat isn’t cooked to death, neither is the bacteria.

My carnivorous experience wasn’t juicy, tasty, or tender. It was basically the same old beef, pork, or chicken stir-fry.

But one day, I was watching some YouTube cooking videos (it’s a perfectly normal guilty pleasure) and I was inspired by the many variations of “How to Cook the Perfect Steak.”

The very next day, I went and bought a thick cut of pork chops.

Then I cooked it, and I loved it.

So I ate it.

Juicy 15-Minute Pork Chops

Here’s a printable version!

Notes: Despite the warnings of my elders, I like pork medium well. For well done, add 2 minutes to oven time; for medium…

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