This Is my Half Brothers and Sister

This Is my Half Brothers and Sister

I grew up with them, so we never “said half”. Ever since my Mother died in ’97, we have grown more
separated emotionally than ever. But my sis and i are more close than the others!
My niece, by my sister, has gone down the wrong path and is in Jail.
I remember the last time she helped me. It was in the fall of ’03 because I had a horrific car wreck.
It was so horrible that I was in a coma 2 1/2 weeks.
and in hospital almost 3 months trying to rehab enough to come home.
I still have occasional bouts with short-term memory loss. My hubby gets so frustrated with me because he says ” I use it as a crutch!”
The last time he said that, I stood up and stood my ground! Usually, I would just say okay or “yes dear”.
NO MORE! and I told him that!!
Yes, we cursed at each other, the kids just walked out, but that was when I got up from my puter desk and stared him strait in the eye. He was obviously not used to that because he just started acting like a young kid, and “rolled over” toward my getting on to him! After that we had heated arguments NO MORE!!


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