The Quantum Mystic

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Source of Inspiration

The science of the mystic,
will and is, replacing the
material sciences. No longer
will our reality be only that
which can be seen and measured.
The power of the mystical mind
is from the Creator. The more
we discipline ourselves and learn
how to channel this Force, the
more we are given.

Quatum physics hints at the Force
but most are not yet ready to understand
and use it with impecable integrity.
The more we demonstrate our
trustworthiness and our dedication
to the Light in all circumstances,
the more the Creator can manifest
through us, taking us into ascending
levels of reality toward union with Source.


In Portuguese:

A ciência do místico irá e está,
substituindo as ciências materiais.
Já não será, apenas a nossa realidade
que podemos ver e medir. O poder da mente mística
é a partir do Criador. Quanto mais nós nos
disciplinamos e aprendemos…

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