“In the Mystery” Landscape Painting a Day No. 8


In the Mystery: A landscape painting a day by Emily Jeffords

Hey guys!

Painting number eight. Wow! It feels like I just started this project yesterday! We are so close to moving into our new home. Thank you ALL for your loving support and huge amounts of kindness throughout this adventure. You guys are seriously making my heart so, so happy.

Enough mushy stuff. Down to business!
I’ve been getting many, many questions, hints, and requests for commissions. And YES! I love commissions and I am happy to take them during this project!


You select two colors you would like, as well as the mood, setting, or feel of the painting (bright, dark, happy, dusk, quiet, stormy…) and I will create a landscape based on your inspiration. Same size (16×20) and same price ($100).

To reserve your commission place please buy this $15 listing. The remaining $85 will be billed after the completion of the painting. If you don’t love…

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