Mayflower Shawlette Finished

Aww man that IS a BEAUTY, but it must have taken a LONG time, right???

Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl

Cast off yesterday. Debating the blocking method due to the ruched bands. I’m really chuffed with this project. Anything hand dye, hand spun is wonderful to work with and this laceweight was particularly nice. I like BFL and I’m having a love affair with all things lace right now. I was able to use all but 7 metres. Knowing that I was just going to work it until I couldn’t, I planned ahead to use some leftoer ZYG from my Blackwood Shawl to do the cast off. Although a different weight and fibre mix, it is still all natural and echoes the thick and thin strand. Tonally, it was very close with the khaki beige and deep rose flecks and the khaki green that showed up in the very last bit blends well enough to suit me. Overall, very happy with this one.

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