DIY revisited: that Chloé sweater

Those are very pretty sweaters!

Fringe Association

How to knit our own Chloe sweater revisited

I got an interesting tweet last week from Belinda Boaden of the always wonderful True Brit Knits regarding last year’s DIY Chloé post. She had seen my Rowan roundup, containing that notedly Chloé-esque turtleneck and a link to the DIY, and pointed me to TBK’s pattern Pendleton (named for cyclist Victoria Pendleton), pictured above right. (On the left is the Chloé sweater, for anyone just tuning in.) When I did the original DIY Chloé post, it was all “mod this this way” or “mod that that way,” because there wasn’t a great pattern option that I could find at the time. Apart from the scale of the cables, the Rowan one, Wye, is nearly identical to the Chloé — all you need to do to make it more so is knit the lower extremes of the sweater in a different color than the rest. Pendleton has…

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