The Moon Goddess

The Moon Goddess

She was destined to be married to the Lord of the Wind. She has always known this, ever since she could remember. When she got a little older, she met the prince of the sun.
She spent a lot of time with him. Her parents found out, and they were enraged!
They kept on telling her she WILL marry the Lord of the Wind.
One day, she went to spend time with him, and she saw him with another girl. They were doing those things to each other…. She kept watching anyway. She sees his long tongue, dripping, slide all the way down her neck and into her bosom.
She WAS upset, but she could not take her eyes off of them. She was careful enough not to be heard or caught.
She could feel her temperature rising.
She went home and told her parents that she was ready to get married RIGHT NOW!!
All she could think or dream about was what she saw that day. She wanted that for herself.

Amanda S xoxoxo


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