Sunday in photos


The Green Dragonfly

Sorry for the silence, there’s been a lot going on here which has kept me away from home and the computer. I thought Id share today with you… from morning till night. A quiet Sunday, the last day of the school holidays before the new term.

:A cup of green tea and a new yellow begonia:

Yellow Begonia and green tea:after breakfast, a family bike ride:Family bike ride:essential supplies:What we took to the park:some of us chose to read, and eat our morning tea:Maia reading at the park:in the beautiful sunshine:Maia July 2013 Small:some of us built dinosaur houses:Carter and his dinosaur house:some of us took photos:A tree:the boys went to a birthday party, and the girls spent some quality time baking something special to have for dessert:Maia baking:lemon meringue pie is one of my favorite desserts, and a good use of plenty of lemons:Lemon meringue pie recipe:here’s something of a family tradition. When my Nana had any pastry left over, when she was baking a pie crust, she…

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