Heading Homeward: Paint-a-day, landscape No. 3

those are so beautiful, I just wish I could afford an easel or even just a canvas… I feel stuff inside I really need to put out there!

"Heading Homeward" Painting a day landscape #3.  Original 16x20 inch oil painting $100!

We spend a lot of time driving.  I mean, a lot of time.  Our poor car has so many, many miles on it, but they were all worth it.  We often travel to visit family in different places around America.  Usually I’m riding.  And usually I’m holding my phone to the windshield, snapping photos of the landscape as it flies past.

I love watching the landscapes change and evolve as we drive across the country.  As we drive from South Carolina to Ohio (to visit my family and head homeward) we get to enjoy flat and lush landscapes, mountain ranges, valleys, fields of wheat, pastures, rivers, farms, cities, and hills.

The landscape may change as the hours pass, but every moment brings us closer to home.

Where do you call “home”?  Do you often take road trips?   Am I the only person that would rather drive across the country…

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