Q for you: Do you wind your own yarn?

the only “winding” I know how to do is from skien into a ball.

Fringe Association

Imperial Ranch 'Anna' hand wound yarn cake

This came up as an aside in last week’s great discussion, and I’m hoping to hear from a bunch of you. To wit: Do you wind your own yarn, and how? This here is the Imperial Yarn Anna I added to the shop last week, and I love this particular hunk of yarn so much I keep making jokes about wanting to have my yarn cake and knit it too. (It’s ok if you laugh at me instead of with me.) When I first took up knitting, I would always have the yarn store wind my purchases, but then I learned it’s not good for the yarn to be stored that way. So I stopped. But eventually I wanted to knit with something that wasn’t wound and had to figure it out. I knew how to wind a center-pull ball when I was a kid, so one look at

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