In grief and in memory, for Trayvon Martin & all American boys killed for being black: What is white privilege.


Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

Trayvon MartinSomehow, the jury in the Trayvon Martin case found his murderer not guilty. I cannot begin to imagine either how or why, or what I would do if I were the mother of a black boy tonight. All I can do is re-up this, and send all my love to that poor boy’s parents, and all the parents of black boys in this country. This God-damned country — this country that we are damning with our own hands.


When my husband and I came to Chicago from Israel so that I could go to graduate school, we had no intention of staying here permanently.

But then the second Palestinian intifada happened, and the Israeli government’s entirely irresponsible and deadly response to same, and we came to a conclusion: We no longer wanted to raise children in Israel.

At the time, we only had the one child, a round-cheeked…

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