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modflowers ✿

modflowers: custom bird necklaceI like custom orders.

Firstly, you know the thing you are making is wanted.

You’re not just making what you like, then putting it out there into the ether and hoping for the best. No: someone has actually chosen the thing you are making in advance. And paid for it.

Secondly, and more interestingly in creative terms, you get to see, briefly, through another person’s eyes. Which can give you a whole new perspective.

My friend Rachel fell for my birdie necklaces, but she wanted one that was 100% her. So the other day she came round to have a rummage through my fabrics and choose a couple to be made up into a custom order.

I got out my best vintage blues and teals, as instructed.

modflowers: blue fabricsBut none was quite right. So I started pulling out some other bits, guided by Rachel’s ideas.

The combination she chose, I…

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