You write beautifully!


Written by Eric Keys and HastyWords
Blood shot eyes stared back from the darkness
Unholy nights visiting with no holding out allowed
Time slides languid, no taking back choices made
In love with you I fell into hell before having died
And I learned regret was the devil’s common maiden name
You were like a chain on my soul, beautifully free
Creating a new being, using me, taunting me
You were the one who was always there holding me
You grew in me, blossoming inside of me
Under your wise tutelage, I gave you my beating heart
During the day we studied, constantly
We learned every forbidden philosophy
And at night you instructed me, erotically
In the arts of pleasuring you, loving you
You would drive me to the edge, over and over
With rope and words, hands and tongues
Until my soul was in…

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