Metallic nails a dazzling bargain

Well, I WOULD NOT pay more than that anyway. Most of them are close to that price anyway.

Looking Good Girls

Silver nails, black ring 1

What do you guys think of these metallic silver nails?

Can you believe I paid less than $4 for this Revlon nail polish on the weekend? It was a case of buy one Revlon nailpolish for $5 and receive the second half price! I kept the silver and gifted Mum with some gorgeous on-trend raspberry polish.

I had my hands in and out of water all day, chopped seven different types of vegetables for my spaghetti bolognese sauce and there is not a chip in sight! And as promised, the Top Speed dries in seconds.

I found the polish at a cosmetics stand that has just set-up temporarily at the Southgateway shops in Langwarrin. Keep an eye out for these make-shift make-up counters, they pop up all the time at various shopping centres.

In case you were wondering, the black and silver ring was another weekend bargain from the Lovisa…

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