Dress-up not down

You look wonderful… most of my times is spent in p.j’s or ill-well, they fit,but r too long for my short self! jeans and t-shirt. I REALLY DON’T “DRESS-UP” UNLESS HUBBY IS TAKING ME OUT FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL!

Looking Good Girls

Beige & black 1

Beige & black 2

It’s very tempting in this cold windy weather to just throw on a tracksuit, and that’s perfect if you’re lazing around the house for the day.

But if you’re heading out and about it doesn’t take much effort to sass it up a bit and still be warm and comfortable. I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself if you put some thought into it.

I started off with my fave Sass & Bide jeans today, then layered up with a sequinned singlet over a long-sleeved top, a long tapered knit, leather jacket and booties.

Beige & black 3

I took my little guy to an indoor play centre to hang out with a group of his prep buddies while my extravagant brother treated my big boy to a gold class movie experience! It was the perfect indoor day given the wind was so wild it nearly blew my tripod over numerous times.

Beige & black 4

Beige & black 5

Dianna Ferrari raffia handbag & fine rings

Fine jewellery…

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