New Favorites: Textured sweater vests

I like the one on the right better, but that is just me

Fringe Association

New Favorites: Textured sweater vest knitting patterns from Kelbourne Woolens and Helga Isager

I’ve had thisHiker’s Waistcoat sweater vest (above left) on my to-knit list for ages, and got to see the (newer, grey) sample at the lovely Fibre Company booth at TNNA. The pattern, written for worsted-weight Terra, is free on their website, but there’s apparently also a bulky version of the pattern, written for Tundra. If I understand correctly, the bulky version is only available in print, included in the book “Kelbourne Woolens Volume 1.” I would like it in both weights, please.

In a similar vein, of course there’s Helga Isager’s amazing Nightingale Vest (above right) from the recent Amimono Bird Collection, which I can never get out of my head. I have such huge admiration for Ms. From the Purl Side for finishing hers. Want want want.


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