Advanced nesting

don’t always stay inside, get out too,okay??? Otherwise, you MIGHT (but doubtful) become like me.
I love, love being outside and always have. Now, it seems though, I have slowed down drastically
I feel like a hermit or something!!! ; )

Crochet Em's Blog

Ok, it’s hard to deny the fact that I’m seriously nesting in our flat now! The last couple of weekends have been entirely furniture focused.

Project 1:

This is an old chair that my grandma gave me for the new flat. I started sanding it down by hand but after about 2 hours I decided enough was enough and went on a trip to B&Q! It still took another couple of hours to sand down the rest of it with my new precision machine sander! I know, I hear your ‘oohhs’ and ‘ahhs’ from here! Anyway, I’m undecided if I like the fact that the varnish took a bit of my paint off or if I’m annoyed by it…I definitely like the birds anyhow!

Project 2:

I would love to tell you that I did all of this myself, spent hours concentrating on minute details and finally realised this wonderful…

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