Leather kind of day

you always look so gorgeous, even after 2 kids. I can understand model requirements and all, but you ALWAYS look amazing!!!

Looking Good Girls

Leather jkt, jeans 1

Leather jkt, jeans 2

Leather jkt, jeans 3

Leather jkt, jeans 4

With my head and body screaming for some rest I thought I’d try something different to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen today.

Took the kiddoes to Subway to pick their own rolls then planned to take them to the nearest skatepark to let off steam. But it all went horribly wrong! They whined and whinged about the food and the skatepark was too wet and dangerous, so we headed home. Back to fried egg sandwiches next weekend.

Got an insatiable appetite for chocolate today! Just realised why – apart from trying to boost flagging energy levels, I haven’t had an apple. Fruit is a great way to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and curb junk food cravings. You should try it sometime.

Leather jkt, jeans 5

Too much leather is never enough in my book! Slipped my favourite Wittner boots on over faux-leather Sass & Bide pants, polished off with Hunt…

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