Stonewash Sunday

You don’t even look like you have any kids… are you kidding??

Looking Good Girls

Pink Stitch jeans 1

Had to take a quick breather – I’m in the middle of helping Hudson do a Grade 2 project on the phases of the moon and it’s exhausting!

Can you believe I’ve worn this outfit for the past three days – this NEVER happens. The only difference today is the strappy Wittner heels – I’ve been hooning around in boots to keep warm and comfy.

So excited about this week – working on a  movie being filmed for television on Tuesday and acting in a scene for a prominent footy show on Wednesday. Fashion will be taking a back seat to costume for a couple of days.

Pink Stitch jeans 2

Head over heels with these stonewashed Pink Stitch jeans from Maddy’s French Pony boutique in Brighton. Paired them with Hunt No More leather jacket, Portmans top and Lovisa ring.

Pink Stitch jeans 3

I hope you’re having a fantastic long weekend. And now you’re Looking Good Girls!

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