Designer rip


Looking Good Girls

Zara jeans, knit jacket 1

Zara jeans, knit jacket 2

Zara jeans, knit jacket 3

Mum and I have a little saying that speed kills in the kitchen (if you rush things get broken) but now I have a new one . . . speed ruins clothing!

I put my foot through the groovy rip in these Zara jeans. Yes I was in a rush to get to school and watch my big boy Hudson run the one kilometre cross-country race. I just made it in time to see him take off and fortunately, I was at the finish line to watch him win. Little champion!

These Zara jeans have become my go-to, Mummy-on-the-run uniform. After the wardrobe mishap I consoled myself with the fact that the latest offering of designer jeans all have big rips – some all the way up the legs.

Zara jeans, knit jacket 4

Zara jeans, knit jacket 5

Spent yesterday afternoon at the Docklands’ studios watching the filming of a fabulously funny new show that’s coming to Network 7…

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